Welcome to my video gallery, where you can see and hear some of the most exciting and engaging performances from my concerts around the world. These videos capture my passion and dedication to music, as well as the energy and joy that I bring to every performance.

From classical to contemporary music, I have a diverse range of performances that showcase my skill and versatility as a saxophonist. Whether I am performing as a soloist or with a chamber music formation, my aim is always to connect with my audience and convey the emotions and beauty of the music.

In addition to performance videos, you will also find behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with me about my inspirations, creative process, and upcoming projects. I am excited to share my journey as a musician with you and hope that these videos give you a glimpse into my world of music.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Walking Jazz Bass Saxophone (2017) by L. Lugli – for Bass Saxophone and Piano:

Take the A. Train by D. Ellington – Arr. for Sax Orchestra: